1st October
  • Kalends of October
    3rd October
  • St. Aldagott of Chur
  • St. Candidus of Rome
  • St. Cyprian of Toulon
  • Ss. Dionysius, Faustus, Caius, Peter, Paul and Companions
  • St. Domenic Spadafora
  • St. Ebontius of Barbasto
  • Ss. Ewald the Fair and Ewald the Dark
  • St. Frolian of Leon
  • St. Gerard of Brogne (alt)
  • St. Hesychius of Gaza
  • St. Maximian of Numidia
  • St. Menna of Lorraine
  • St. Utto of Metten
  • St. Widradus of Salieu
    4th October
  • Ss. Auductua and Callisthene
  • St. Ammon the Great
  • St. Aurea of Paris
  • Ss. Caius, Faustus, Eusebius, Lucius and Companions
  • Ss. Crispus and Caius
  • Ss. Domnina, Berenice and Prosdoce
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • St. Francis Titelmans
  • St. Hierotheus of Athens
  • St. Julian Majali
  • Ss. Mark, Marcian and Companions
  • St. Peter of Damascus
  • St. Petronius of Bologna
  • St. Quintus of Tours
    5th October
  • St. Alexander of Treves
  • St. Apollinaris of Valence
  • St. Attilanus of Zamora
  • St. Aurea of Amiens
  • St. Aymard of Cluny
  • St. Charitina
  • St. Felicia Meda
  • Ss. Firmatus and Flaviana
  • St. Galla of Rome
  • Ss. John Hewitt, William Hartly and Robert Sutton
  • St. Magdalveus of Verdun
  • St. Marcellinius of Ravenna
  • St. Meinulf of Bodeken
  • Ss. Palmatius and Companions
  • Ss. Placid, Eutychius, Victorinus, Flavia, Donatus, Firmatus, Faustus and Companions
  • St. Raymond of Capua
  • St. Sanctes of Cori
  • St. Thaseas of Eumenia
    6th October
    7th October
  • Nones of October
  • St. Mark
    8th October
  • Ss. Palatias and Laurentia
  • St. Pelagia
  • St. Peter of Seville
  • St. Reparata of Palestine
  • St. Simeon Senex
  • St. Thias of Alexandria
  • St. Triduana
  • St. Ywi of Lindisfarne
    9th October
  • St. Aaron of Cracoa
  • St. Abraham
  • St. Alfanus of Salerno
  • Ss. Andronicus and Athanasia
  • St. Demetrius of Alexandria
  • St. Denis
  • St. Deusdedit of Monte Cassino
  • St. Dionesyius the Arepagite
  • Ss. Dionysius, Rusticus and Elutherius
  • St. Domninus of Parma
  • St. Geminus of Sanpaterniano
  • St. Gislenus of St. Ghislain
  • St. Goswin of Anchin
  • St. Gunther of Niederalltaich
  • Ss. Lambert and Valerius
  • St. Louis Bertran
  • St. Publia of Antioch
  • St. Savinus of Lavedan
    10th October
  • St. Aldericus of Sens
  • Ss. Cassius, Florentius and Companions
  • St. Cerbonius of Piombino
  • St. Cerbonius of Verona
  • St. Clarus of Nantes
  • Ss. Daniel, Samuel, Angelus, Domnus, Leo, Nicholas, and Hugolinus
  • Ss. Eulampius, Eulampa, and Companions
  • St. Francis Borgia
  • St. Fulk of Fontenelle
  • St. Gundislavas of Las Junias
  • St. Hugh of Macon
  • St. Maharsapor of Persia
  • St. Patrician of Persia
  • St. Paulinus of Capua
  • St. Paulinus of York
  • St. Pinytus of Crete
  • St. Tranca of Troyes
  • St. Victor and Companions
    11th October
  • Feast of the Translation of St. Augistinius
  • St. Agibert of Paris
  • St. Alexander Sauli
  • Ss. Anastasius, Placid, Genesius and Companions
  • St. Ansilio of Lagny
    12th October
    13th October
  • St. Theophilius of Antioch
  • St. Venantius of Tours
    14th October
  • St. Angadresima of Beauvais
  • St. Bernard of Arce
  • St. Burchard of Wurzburg
  • St. Callistus I
  • Ss. Carponius, Evaristus, and Priscian
  • St. Domenic Loricatus
  • St. Donatian of Reims
  • St. Fortunata of Caesaria
  • St. Fortunatus of Todi
  • St. Gaudentius of Rimini
  • St. Manakus of Wales
  • St. Maneheldis of Champagne
  • St. Rusticus of Treves
  • Ss. Saturnius and Lupus
    15th October
  • Ides of October
  • The Feast of the Martyrs of Germany
  • St. Agelius of Carthage
  • St. Antioch of Lyons
  • St. Aurelia of Strassburg
  • St. Callistus of Huesca
  • St. Cannatus of Marseilles
  • St. Donatianus
  • St. Euthymius the Thessalonian
  • St. Leonard of Vandoeuvre
  • St. Odilo of Stavelot
  • St. Sabinus of Catania
  • St. Severus of Treves
  • St. Thecia of Avila
  • St. Thecla of Kitzingen
  • St. Willa of Nonnberg
  • St. Wulfranus
    16th October
  • St. Ambrose of Cahors
  • St. Anastasius of Cluny
  • St. Balderic of Montfaucon
  • St. Baldwin of Laon
  • St. Bercharius of Moutier-on-Der
  • St. Bertrand of Comminges
  • St. Balonia
  • St. Conagen of Quimper
  • St. Dulcidius of Agen
  • St. Eliphius of Toul
  • St. Erembeta of Wierre
  • St. Florentinus of Treves
  • St. Gall
  • St. Geraldus of Clairvaux
    17th October
    18th October
    19th October
  • St. Theofrid of Carmery
  • St. Thomas Helye
  • St. Varus of Upper Egypt
  • St. Veranus of Cavilon
  • Ss. Veronicus, Pelagia and Companions
    20th October
  • St. Acca of Hexam
  • St. Adelina of Moriton
  • St. Aderald of Troyes
  • St. Aidan of Mayo
  • St. Andrew the Calabyte
  • St. Artemiun
  • St. Artemius
  • St. Austroberta
  • Ss. Barsabas and Companions
  • St. Bernard of Bagneora
  • Ss. Badan and Orara
  • St. Caprasius of Agen
  • St. Irene of Santarem
  • St. John Cantius
  • Ss. Martha, Saula and Companions
  • St. Maximus of Aquila
  • St. Sindulphus of Reims
  • St. Vitalis of Salzburg
  • St. Willaim of Savigny
    21st October
  • Feast of the Ordination of St. Dunstanus
  • Feast of the Eleven Thousand Virgins
  • St. Agatho of Egypt
  • St. Asterius of Ostia
  • St. Berthold of Parma
  • St. Cilinia of Laon
  • St. Condedus of Fontanelle
  • Ss. Dasius, Zoticus, Caius and Companions
  • St. Finian of Taghmon
  • St. Gebizo of Monte Cassino
  • St. Gundislavas of Lagos
  • St. Hilarion of Gaza
  • St. Hugh of Ambronay
  • St. Imana of Loss
  • St. Malchus of Chalcis
  • St. Marontus of Marsellies
  • St. Peter Capucci
  • St. Tuda of Lindisfarne
  • Ss. Ursula and Companions
  • St. Viator of Lyons
  • St. Wendelinus
    22nd October
    23rd October
    24th October
    25th October
    26th October
    27th October
    28th October
    29th October
    30th October
    31st October

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