Calligraphic Resources

A listing of some places to look when you need stuff. Most of it is web based, or at least web friendly. Some of them I've tried and feel strongly about, some have come to me on recommendations, all of them are, as far as I know, reputable dealers. If anybody out there has any links they think should be here but aren't, send them on to me...

General Art Supplies
Pearl Paint
308 Canal Street
NYC, NY, 10013
Domestic Mail Order: 1-800-221-6845 x2297
International Mail Order: 1-212-431-7932 x2297

If you ever get into NYC and have the time to do so, go to Pearl Paint on Canal street. It's like a small slice of artists heaven. 5 cramped, over stocked floors of art supplies, whatever your artistic addiction, there is a strong possibility that they can feed it. They have a whole room just for paint brushes... Ditto paper...

Dick Blick
P.O. 1267
Galesburgh, IL 61402-1267
Customer Service: 800.723.2787

I've only ever been to one of these, and is strikes me as a mall based kind of art store, like Kayes/Koenigs, here in the east. This is my experience, based on one store in Newtown CT, which is not the most bustling metropolis in the world, so I could be wrong. It has a good selection and quality of merchandise, for all that, and usually stocks gold and gold leafing supplies, so it's not that bad a place.

The Jerry's Catalog
Jerry's Artarama
P.O. Box 58638J
Raleigh, NC 27658-8638
Phone: 1-800-U-ARTIST (1-800-827-8478)

I've never actually ordered from them, but the catalog was always fabulous. The only time I got it, though, was when I was poor, so it was their bad luck! They claim to "not be undersold" and to have an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Dunno. If someone has feedback on them, I'd like to hear it...

Period Art Supplies

The Gabriel Guild
6 North Pearl Street, Suite 404 E.
Port Chester, NY 10573
Phone: 914-835-7386 & 914-939-7269

These guys are pretty cool. They've become a fixture at Pennsic, and they have a nice collection of stuff. I've found it's a bit difficult to get in touch with them by phone, though, so e-mail is probably your best bet with them.

Master John the Artificer
John Rose
250 Emerson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

He has some of the finest, and in some cases the only, period pigments available, as well as a good selection of other period supplies. And his website answers the burning question 'Should I lend my roof to a passing company of Musketeers...' Come on, you know you want to know. Click the link, CLICK THE LINK!!!

Gold Leafing Supplies

Baggot Leaf Company
430 Broome Street
NYC, NY 10013-3260
Phone: 212.431.GOLD Fax: 212.431.3962

These guys have an amazing selection of stuff. They may have everything you need to do any form of gold leaf, and an astonishing selection of leaf to do it with. Above all they are nice people to deal with, answer questions intelligently, and process orders quickly.


1250 45th Street Suite 100
Emeryville, CA 94608

As far as I know there's no 'bricks and mortar' part to this one, it's pure on-line. It is, however, one of the finest of the on-line, out-of-print booksellers I have seen. I've bought several books from them, all were the quality promised, and all arrived in a timely fashion.

John Neal Booksellers
1833 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC 27403
Phone: 336.272.6139 or 800.369.9598

And not just books, either. There's an amazing array of products on this site, you can loose hours just browsing. BE WARNED!

Paper & Ink Books
PO Box 35, 3 North Second Street
Woodsboro, MD 21798
Phone: 1-800-736-7772
Fax: 1-800-736-7773

Again, not just books, but supplies and even gifts. Scribal t-shirts, and more. The website seems to be geared to sending you a catalog and having you order by mail.