Other Links
Here are some other links that I think might be useful to scribes and other SCAdians
Scribal Links

General Interest
NetSERF. Just go here first. Without a doubt one of the finest internet resources available. Links to tons of stuff, presented in a very user friendly manner.

Regia Anglorum. All I have to say here is that the most anal Anglo-Saxon I know says this is a great site. I thought so, that's why I told him about it, but it's nice to have confirmation

Martial Interest

To be honest my martial interests run a bit shallow, so this may not be the best series of links at this time. I will be adding to them as time goes on.

Chronique: Journal of Chivalry. I don't get the magazine, but the website is really good. If you do go take the time to answer whatever their quarterly questionnaire is. They also maintain the Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library at this site, which is worth a go.

The War, Peace and Security Guide. A Canadian site, with a timeline to all the good wars, both in period and out of it.

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