The Bridge Scroll

This was done at the request of their Majesties, Lucan IV and Caitlin. The point was that the Barony of the Bridge, while being smallish in size had by that time produced five kings in recent memory (Seven, now). Lucan and Caitlin decided that they would name it their royal seat, and commissioned me to do the scroll.

It's done in the style of the Grandes Chroniques of France, with a column miniature and some fairly simple vinework to the sides. I had to extrapolate the actual borders based on what I could see of thge page, as the Bibliotheque National site that has the Grandes Chroniques on line is good for miniatures but not so good for the rest of the page.

So I had found this miniature in the Grandes Chroniques I wanted to use. "The Mythical Founding of Paris" with these little guys building a palace at the direction of a king. I never thought that I would find a good reason to use it, then this came along. It seemed perfect.

The Text of the Document

Lucan, by right of arms king of the East and Caitlin his queen, unto all to whom these presents come, greetings

Behold the land spread about you, fertile in its crops and abundant in its peoples, blessed with peace and prosperity from time beyond all memory. Is it any wonder, can there be any doubt that this Fountain of royalty, this hallowed land where the peasants are nobility, and the nobility are peers is one of the true strongholds of the realm? A wonder surely unknown in the other, benighted realms this best garden of the East holds truly the fields in which destinies are sown and from which greatness is reaped as the only acceptable crop. Dazzled by this magnificence, we are blinded to all other places in the world, and therefore would we declare without hesitation that the Barony of the Bridge is to be held as our royal seat, for as long as our crown shall last, and wherever our writ shall run.

Done by this our sign-manual, this 28th day of February, the feast of St. Peter Damian, Anno Sociatatis XXXII, at the Black Rose Ball, in our perfect Barony of the Bridge.

Crustus an Mors
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