Laurel Scroll for Countess Kayleigh Drake

Darius by right of arms of the East King, and Roxane, Queene, defender of the faith, &c. To all people to whom these presents shall come, greeting.

Know ye that of our especial grace, certain science, and mere motion, we have given and granted, and by these presents for us, our heirs and successors, we give and grant to our trusty and well beloved servant Kayleigh Drake, Countess, free liberty and license from time to time, and at all times for ever hereafter, to style herself Mistress of the Order of the Laurel, with all prerogatives, commodities, jurisdictions, royalties, privileges, franchises, and preeminences thereto or thereabouts both by sea and land, whatsoever we by our letters patents may grant, and as we or any of our noble progenitors have heretofore granted to any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate: and the said Kayleigh Drake, from this moment into all of time perpetual be included as and counted among the members of our most August Order of the Laurel, as her immutable privilege, right and honor, any other statute, act, law, or any ordinance whatsoever to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding. All this by reason of her most excellent and assiduous works, researches and studies into such many and diverse arts, of her sundry and excellent displays and tableaux of said works researches and studies in all corners of our realm of the East and as well for her many and excellent teachings on all such subjects in which she holds knowledge, and we do likewise by these presents, of our presence, mere motion and certain knowledge give and grant full authority, liberty and power unto Kayleigh Drake to bear by these letters patent arms, to wit: Or, in saltire two wolves counter-salient azure, on a chief sable three ermine spots Or, as can be more clearly seen in the margin. Provided always, and our will and pleasure is, and we do hereby declare to all Laurel Kings, princes and states, that if the said Countess Kayleigh shall at any time or times hereafter rob or spoil by Sea or by land, or doe any act of unjust and unlawful hostility to any of the Subjects of us, our heirs, or successors, or any of the Subjects of any King, prince, ruler, governor or state being then in perfect league and amity with us, our heirs or successors: and that upon such injury, or upon just complaint of any such prince, ruler, governor or state, or their subjects, we, our heirs or successors shall make open proclamation within any of the ports of our Realm of the East commodious, that the said Countess Kayleigh shall within the term to be limited by such proclamations, make such restitution and satisfaction of all such injuries done, so as both we and the said Princes, or others so complaining, may hold us and themselves fully contented: And if the said Countess Kayleigh shall not make or cause to be made satisfaction accordingly, within such time so to be limited; that then it shall be lawful to us, our heirs and successors, to put the said Countess Kayleigh out of our allegiance and protection, and that from and after such time of putting out of protection the said Countess Kayleigh and the said places within her habitation, possession and rule, shall be out of our protection and allegiance, and free for all princes and others to pursue with hostility as being not our Subjects, nor by us any way to be avowed, maintained or defended, nor to be holden as any of ours, nor to our protection, dominion or allegiance any way belonging, for that express mention, &c. In witness whereof, &c. Witnessed ourselves at Pennsic the XX, day of August, the thirty-eighth year of our of the Society. Anno Dom. 2003.

Crustus an Mors
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