Mistress Olivia's Laurel

This is a scroll I did for Mistress Olivia Graeme, on the occasion of her elevation to the Laurel. It's not my usual style, but I think it came out relatively well.

The Full Scroll

This was based on Henry VI's charter for Kings College, Cambridge. I did some adapting, and it worked out very well as a Laurel scroll. In the original the shield beneath the crown carried the arms of England, and the shield held by the angel was the arms of the college. Here they are the arms of the East, and Olivia's, respectively.


The figures down the side were the Lords and Commons of Henry's parliament. I expanded the Grouping by one, and put the Laurels, Pelican's and Chivalry down the side. The Figure in the "L" is Duchess Jana, who was supposed to speak for the Ladies of the Rose, The first figure for the Laurels is Mistress Aelfgifu of the Hazel Thicket, who was suppose to speak for the Laurel. The first figure for the Pelican's is Mistress Ingrid von Baumgarten, who spoke for the Pelicans, and the first figure for the Chivalry is Sir Gunther Pathwarden, who was supposed to speak for the Chivalry.


I say supposed to because Jana's son had the Measles, and she was not able to attend, in the confusion of the ceremony (which was a double one, her husband Master Duane Shinnock got his at the same time) Mistress Aelfgifu was not called, and Sir Gunther was nowhere to be found when he was called to speak.

The Text of the Document

Lucan, by right of arms king of the East and Caitlin his queen, to all their Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Dukes, Earls, Barons, Justiciaries, Sheriffs, Ministers, and all their faithful subjects of the East, Greetings

Perfection is a difficult state to achieve, requiring many hours of painstaking labor, of research and study, and of wholehearted effort. To dare it's heady heights is perilous, for who can be perfect and not be an offense to god himself? And yet there are those whose efforts in whichever diverse direction their labors take them will acquire such dazzling skill, such profound knowledge and such grace of ease that the very vault of heaven itself will ring with their praise and call for their elevation to any state short of Godhead itself. Look well all you here, that you may forever remember and that you may tell those whom you encounter of that blessed day when you stood close enough to the divine that you could have touched it, for here she is before you, clad in flesh and clothed in such splendid raiment that all can see her manifest worth. Behold our most worthy and wondrous subject, Olivia Graeme who's fame within our realm for her talents with the needle has run so far and so wide that there cannot be one person in all of all our domains who will admit that they do not know of her, and whose skill is such that her fame is in no way unwarranted, nor is she in any way ungenerous with those talents. She has clothed those of all stations, from the lowest of the gentry to the very crown of the East itself, with such princely garments that all whom she has so graced with her skills must seem as exquisite potentates to any whom they meet. Presented thus as we are with such a preponderance of evidence, both copious and undeniable of the proficiency of her arts, we have no other wish in all our heart than that such a marvel as she shall not go from here without that she shall be counted amongst the highest and most worthy in our realm, and therefor it is our august will that she become this day a Companion of our Order of the Laurel, to be recognized for her worth in all of our domains and in all the courts of the world, and that, as manifest proof of the truth of our desire we do hereby bestow upon her these arms, by letters patent, to wit: Purpure, a bend sinister bretessed Or between an abacus palewise and scissors argent.

Done by this our sign-manual this fourth day of April, Anno Sociatatis thirty-two, being the one thousand nine hundred and ninety eighth since the Incarnation, on the feast of the blessed St. Isadore of Seville at our Last Court in our fair Barony of Settmour Swamp.

Crustus an Mors
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