Some Examples of Wordings for Documents

Baron Adhemar de Villarquemada, OM, OP

WARNING! These are actual documents, which were written by me. DO NOT copy them outright, as they have been used, and I will be quite vexed. They are put here to serve as examples of what might be done.

Orders of Honor
Kings Order of Excellence
Rhys of Harlech Aria de Chatillion

Awards of Arms
Alix de Liseaux Gabriella Santiago de Villarquemada
Gustave Frogbeak the Hunter Gwenhyfar o Dinas Emrys
Jehan D'Avignon Jehanne de Woodford

Orders of High Merit
Order of the Maunche
Max Elgin Necrobie Mirabel Belchere

Order of the Silver Crescent
Seosamh O'Choda  

Court Baronies and Grants of Arms
Elishiva bas Jehuda ha Cohen  

Orders of Peerage
Order of the Chivalry
Torrin the Wonderer  

Order of the Pelican
Ingrid von Baumgarten Balfar von Grunwald
Gwendolyn of Basing  

Order of the Laurel
Fianna of Clare Olivia Graeme

A Baronial Championship Scroll A Prize scroll for the Fencing Champions at Balfar's Challenge
The Scroll for the "Stitchers to the Crown" from Lucan & Elspeth's Reign The Bridge Scroll
The Thanks Dude Scroll  

Done for Count Sir Rhys of Harlech

Lucan, by right of arms overlord of Ruantallen, Beyond the Mountains, Bridge, Carolingia, Dragonship Haven, Bhakail, Carillion, Ostgardr, Stonemarche, Bergental, Concordia, An Dubhaigeain and Settmour Swamp, gracious and beneficent, Hammer of the Mid-Realm and Sovereign King of the East, unto any and all persons to whom these presents do or may come, greetings. For a kingdom to maintain such might as has always been the case in this ancient realm of the East it is necessary for the warriors of the realm to constantly be on their guard, forever vigilant, and mindful of their skills. To this end the art of the tourney has always been much respected within our realm, practiced with both fervor and zeal and those who promote it and excel in its grace given all due praise and respect. We would by these letters give high honor one who has done great and mighty works in this art, both in his noteworthy skill and for his deep and detailed researches into the most ancient forms, for these matters are held dear to our heart and it well pleases us that our people hold them in like regard. Therefore for these skills and knowledges, as well as in recognition of the most noble and gracious manner in which he maintains himself and his house, and of the high standard which he keeps for himself and presents to this our realm, we would honor the right honorable and most worthy Rhys of Harlech as a great and true benefactor of our realm. Thus do we by our sovereign right and with this solemn pageantry praise him with great praise, and create him a Companion of our Kings Order of Excellence, from this day forward, with all the rights responsibilities, duties and privileges attendant to that most estimable order. Done by this our Sign-Manual, on this 5th day of April, A.S. XXXI, in our fair Barony of Bergental.

Done for Countess Aria de Chatillion

Lucan, by right of arms king of the East and Aethelmarc, to his Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Dukes, Earls, Barons, Justiciaries, Sheriffs, Ministers, and all his faithful subjects of the East and Aethelmarc, Greetings. Many are the traditions in our ancient realm of the East, honored and revered practices which date back to the founding of the realm, without which this land would be a colorless place, dull and lifeless. It is to be noted however that without the refreshing breeze of novelty venerable tradition would become hidebound form and oppressive protocol. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we view the recent profusion of fleet footed hounds, speeding their way throughout our land and adding greatly to the flavor of the fairs and market days at which they attend. Know then by these our words that we are most well and truly pleased with our most worthy subject Countess Aria de Châtillion, and with all the services with which she has enriched our realm. Word of her most gracious manner and excellent works has gone before her, as swift running as her noble hounds, to tell all of the worth of her labors, of her efforts to found and enlarge the College of Coursing, that all our peoples might know the joy of the chase, as well as the high standard that she holds for herself and presents as an example to our realm in all things. Thus it is that we would seek to give praise unto one who most well merits such accolades and so with all ceremony and solemn majesty do we cause her to be created a companion of our Kings Order of Excellence, from this day forward with all the rights responsibilities duties and privileges due to a member of this most worthy order Done by this our Sign manual on this 5th day of April, Anno Sociatatis XXXI in our fair Barony of Bergental.

This was done for one of my students, Alix de Liseaux, AKA Sister Mary Christmas

Lucan, by right of arms full puissant king of the East, and Caitlin his queen, unto all to whom these presents do or may come greetings. Rude words, incautious and unseemly, shall upon their creator bring only base shame and infamy, while fair words, well crafted and courteous, shall reflect upon their originator naught but sweet report and renown. All should strive to bear this in mind, and to remember most carefully for once a good reputation is lost it is a great task to see to it's restoration. Therefore look you all here before you and hold this fair lady, pious and demure, to be a model of all you should strive to emulate, for her many good works as both scribe and clothier, her services at both troll and table, and her ready willingness to lend aid in any endeavor has brought the noble Alix de Liseaux such renown as cannot fail to have reached our ears and thus do we call her before us this day to receive our just reward for her labors, to wit the right to bear these arms:___________________________________ to be hers from now into perpetuity. Done by our sign manual this 28th day of March, Anno Sociatatis 32, the feast of Saint Tutilo, at our fencing championships in out fair Dragonship Haven

Done for my niece, Gabriella

Timothy by right of arms puissant king of the East, and Gabrielle his gracious queen, unto all to whom these presents may come, greetings. Many are those within our realm who can be of assistance to those around them, for many are the skilled and talented citizens of the East. Somewhat fewer are those who actually chose to be so. Witness before you a most rare jewel, for this most splendid lady is one who not only can but does, and even more does so with calm manner and cheerful demeanor. Whether it is as the mistress of the lists in ancient Ostgardr or as the steward of fair Carolingia, either at the combat lists of the fence or the ranges of the archers she has borne well the tasks she has undertaken, and been both a credit to herself and an inspiration to others. Therefore it is our most august will and pleasure to bestow fitting reward to the noble lady Gabriella Santiago de Villarquemada, in just return for the true and valued service that she has rendered to this our realm, and do herewith award unto her these arms, to wit:________________________ to be hers, sole and peculiar, from this day forward. Done by this our sign manual this second of may, Anno Sociatatis XXXIII, the feast of St. Athenasius of Alexandria at our Crown Tourney in the fair Crown Province of Ostgardr

Done for Gustave Frogbeak the Hunter, who's Tyger's Cub I did as well.

Lucan, by right of arms most noble king of the East, and Caitlin his gracious queen, unto all to whom these presents do or may come, greetings. St. Hubert, patron saint of huntsmen, was overcome in the woods with a holy vision which altered his life. It is often so with hunters, who stalk in the dark forests seeking after game and come forth with things which they have not expected. Our noble servant Gustave Frogbeak the Hunter Has long done good works in the Barony of Dragonship Haven, Hunting it's forests and serving it's people lending aid at revels for both set up and break down, and most especially those in the barony who are parents, watching and warding over their children, seeing to it that they are safe while their parents are occupied elsewhere. Thus before us do we find our good and faithful subject to receive our reward, all unsought, for the true and noble services which he has rendered to our realm. Therefore it is our august pleasure to bestow fitting recompense for his many labors, and award unto him the right to bear the following arms, to wit:________________________________________________to be his, sole and peculiar, from now into perpetuity. Done by our sign manual this 28th day of March, Anno Sociatatis 32, At our King's and Queen's Fencing Champions in our fair Barony of Dragonship Haven.

Done for Gwenhyfar o Dinas Emrys

Hanse, by right of arms noble King of the East, and Moruadh, his gracious Queen, unto all and sundry to whom these presents do or may come, greetings. Let all who hear these arms know that we are most pleased with this our servant Gwenhyfar O'Dinas Emerys. Fleet and deft as her fingers are with a needle, she will never hesitate to lay that work aside to answer a call for help in any aspect of the events she attends. She is a joy to the Barony of Ruantallen, and surely the pride of her home of Seashire. For this reason do we see fit to bestow upon her the right to bear the following arms, to wit:______________ To be hers, sole and peculiar, from now into perpetuity. Done by this our sign-manual this 19th of July, Anno Sociatatis XXXII, at the Great Northeastern War, in our fair Province of Malagentia.

Done For Jehan d'Avignon

Scholars are a special breed, for while they are oftentimes a bane to society, brawling in low taverns and lacking in the refinements of true nobility, whom else would we turn to when we need to say something truly profound in Greek? It is such talents as these that ensure their continued existence. Jehan d'Avignon has proved himself to be a scholar of some note, fluent in many languages and learned in all those diverse arts which are the mark of a truly educated man. These skills he has, and he has made no stint in sharing them with the populace of the Barony of Dragonship Haven. Therefore in keeping with the necessity of the Crown to promote learning in all it's diverse forms, and that worthy labors shall have fitting reward we do hereby Award unto the worthy Jehan d'Avignon the right to bear the following arms, to wit:___________________________________ to be his sole and peculiar from this day forward.

Done for Jehanne de Woodford

Lucan by right of arms most noble and puissant king of the East, and Caitlin, his most gracious queen, unto all and sundry to whom these presents do or may come greetings. If song were sure as arrows flight then everyone a singer would be. If archery were as sweet to the ears as music then all would be upon the range to hear. But sadly this is not true, and therefore it is most pleasing to us that one amongst our subjects has had the perspicacity to indulge herself in both of these disparate activities. Thus for her hardy work as an archer and marshal of our archers, her splendid endeavors to musically entertain our people, and her noble efforts at the open and close of revels we would reward our fair Jehanne de Woodford with the right to bear these arms:_____________________________________________ To be hers, sole and peculiar, from this day in perpetuity. Done by our sign manual this XXIIII of January, being the feast of St. Timothy, at the East Kingdom University, in the royal forest of Rusted Woodlands, Anno Sociatatis XXXII

Court Barony for Elishive bas Jehuda, Exchequer of the East

Hanse, by right of arms puissant lord and sovereign king of the East, and Moruadh gracious lady and queen, unto all and sundry to whom these presents do or may come, both now and in future, greetings. Economics is an arcane science, filled with dangers and pitfalls for the unaware and uninitiated. Few there are who will willingly enter it's purview, and fewer still who can do so and emerge unscathed. Therefore must we hold in high esteem and great honor the most worthy and full talented Elisheva bas Yehuda who has emerged not only unscathed but triumphant, having, by sound advice and firm practice saved the coffers of the East from utter depletion and thus the realm itself from bitterest penury. And all this while remaining pleasant to work with and maintaining the habit of a pleasant demeanor. Therefore do we see fit to bestow reward fitting her wondrous service, and do create her a baroness of our court, and do grant unto her the following arms, to wit; Argent, a dove and in chief argent two stars of David, all within a bordure azure. Done by our sign-manual this XXXI day of may, Anno Sociatatis XXXII, at the boredom war, in our fair

This was done for Max Elgin Necrobie, who has an executioner persona
Bjorn, By right of Arms Potent and Noble King of the East, and Morgen his most Gracious Queen, unto all and sundry to whom these presents do or may come send good greetings and Salutations Consider, Puissant lords and gentle ladies, would you voluntarily associate with an executioner? Might you seek out his company as you would that of men of good character? Would you , good gentles want your sister to marry one? On these questions think, and know that a headsman's lot is not a happy one. And Where shall this lonely man turn for comfort and solace, but to drink? It is for his broad knowledge and vast experience in this field of study, acquired only after years of painstaking, deep and personal research, that this worthy lord has been brought to our attention. Therefore, in spite of his dubious profession we do recognize his merit, and his skill in the art of Brewing, and it's liberal application, and do admit him to our order of the Maunche, and invest MAX ELGIN NECROBIE With all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a companion of that Order. Done by this our sign-Manual on the 22 day of June, A.S. 31, At the Central Region War Camp, in our fair shire of Smoking Rocks.

This was done for Seosamh O'Choda

May all who hear these words attend, and attend right well that you may know the command of royal Balfar, high king of all the East, and of most regal Luna on this most festive day WHEN gentles find themselves in need, as when the mind has gone and left the body to follow behind, when gentles curiosity of alternate lifestyles in period sends them seeking scholarly advice, when gentles require counseling, having found their minds well beyond their own grasp, or when they simple desire exquisite sustenance that the body shall survive for the mind to return to, then should but one name spring forth fully formed to the minds of both populace and monarch alike, that being the name of Seosamh O'Choda. Both long and well has this most worthy soul labored on behalf of our realm, from his service as the on call mental health chirurgeon at Pennsic, to the publication of the newsletter…But It's Period, to the cooking of feasts throughout the Known World to numerous to mention but still to numerous to forget, it is clear that though he has labored long in the closets of darkness we must bestow fitting reward, lest we be accused of base parsimony. Therefor it is our will that he be brought forth into his rightful place as a most worthy companion of our noble Order of the Silver Crescent, from this day forward Done by this our sign manual, on this 10th day of February, A.S. XXX, at a market day at Birka, in our fair Barony of Stonemarche

Done for Sir Torrin the Wonderer. My first Peerage document

Hanse, by right of arms full puissant King of the East, and Moruadh, his most noble Queen, unto all and sundry to whom these presents do or may come, good greetings. Red and bloody war is the proving ground of the squire, through which he will hone and refine those skill which will raise him above all of his fellows. Of the might and prowess of Lord Torrin the Wonderer there can be none left to doubt, for who can have lived in this fair kingdom and not know of his many victories at both festive tourney and grim war, of his prowess in our champion's battles at the Great Pennsic Wars for the last five years, and of his glorious victories as the commander of that most select unit. Fair and gentle courtesy in repose is the mark of one who has acquired those talents and graces which will gentle that bloody sword. Of these virtues he has full measure, for who within the realm has not had the benefit of his helpful advice, of his aid in time of need, or of his generous and fulsome hospitality. It is these values and ideals which forged together become that paragon of honor and chivalry that is the knight. This is the report which we have heard of this worthy gentle before us, and we have found it to be always and ever true Therefore do we see fit to reward this most deserving and worthy of all our servants, and recognize his outstanding value to our realm, and thus hereby command that Torrin the Wonderer be elevated to the ancient and honorable rank of Knight of the Realm, vested with all powers and perils of that office, both in war and in peace for the good of our realm and all the citizens thereof, and that, as sign of our august intent we do bestow upon him these arms, by letters patent: Per pale gules and azure, a sword palewise between two wings displayed all within a bordure or Done by this our sign manual, this (13th) day of August, the Feast of St. Maximus the Confessor, Anno Sociatatis XXXII, in our camp of war at Pennsic XXVI, in the Barony March of the Debatable Lands.

Done for Mistress Ingrid von Baumgarten, East Kingdon Chirurgeon.

Lucan, by right of arms overlord of Ruantallen, Beyond the Mountains, Bridge, Carolingia, Dragonship Haven, Bhakail, Carillion, Ostgardr, Stonemarche, Malagentia, Bergental, Concordia, An Dubhaigeain and Settmour Swamp, Hammer of the Mid-Realm and Sovereign King of the East, and Caitlin, his most gracious and beneficent Queen, unto any and all persons to whom these presents do or may come, greetings. Pox, ague, plague and death are the enemies of the realm just as surely as any foreign army, for while invaders can be easily found and thwarted by the forces of the East, disease will find its way across the land without regard for the thick walls of fortresses or the high peaks of mountains. Further one must consider that the aftermath of any battle against the foes of the kingdom will leave behind it the racked and ruined remains of the once proud armies of the East. Then shall arise one who shall serenely bring relief of these torn and shattered souls, whether they shall suffer the cruel horrors of bloody war or the mutilating pustules of foul plague. Within our domain the sweet and gentle Ingrid von Baumgarten has shown herself to be the truest embodiment of this blessed ideal. With true goodness and the patience a saint she has traversed the length and breadth of our fair land, caring for the wounded and the infirm wherever her destination. Twice has been the Chirurgeon of all of our realm, holding this post with both firm authority and gentle grace. Therefore sing out you angels with trumpets of glory, over all the fields and meadows of this fair land, and cry at full voice all you ministers of grace and mercy, that all shall know the true merit and great value that we do place upon this most worthy of all our subjects. It is thus our dearest wish and express desire that she be elevated to a station in keeping with the service she has rendered to this our realm, that she receive reward of the highest merit, and that she be raised to the exalted rank of peer of our realm. So do we command that she shall join the ranks of our Order of the Pelican, and as true proof of our manifest desire for her just advancement that she shall have these Arms by Letters Patent: Argent, a bend sable between a garden rose gules slipped and leaved vert, and a sycamore tree eradicated Done by this our sign manual this third day of January, the feast day of the Holy St. Genevieve, at our Twelfth Night court, in this the fair Crown Province of Ostgardr A.S XXXII

Done for Mistress Fianna of Clare, as a promissory.

Lucan, by right of Arms most puissant and noble King of the East, and Caitlin, his most Gracious Queen, unto all and Sundry to whom these presents do or may come, greetings History is the life blood of a great realm, for without the recounting of it's glories it would soon lapse into ignominious obscurity. It must however be said that in the mouths of many even the greatest of histories are leeched of their life and fall dust and dry onto the ears which hear them. It is therefore a great joy to us and all of our realm when we may honor one who not only leaves them the life they own, but infuses further vibrancy to them with the skill by which she tells them. Fianna of Clare with her knowledge of literature and bardic lore has enriched our realm, enlivened our revels and burnished the honor of our realm with its stirring rhythm. Therefor do we state our intent this day, that shall be praised with great praise, and to this end it is our will that she be made a companion of our Order of the Laurel. Done this XXVth day of October, Anno Sociatatis XXXII, at our Crown Tourney Quintavia.

Done for Mistress Olivia Graeme

Lucan, by right of arms king of the East and Caitlin his queen, to all their Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Dukes, Earls, Barons, Justiciaries, Sheriffs, Ministers, and all their faithful subjects of the East, Greetings Perfection is a difficult state to achieve, requiring many hours of painstaking labor, of research and study, and of whole-hearted effort. To dare it's heady heights is perilous, for who can be perfect and not be an offense to god himself? And yet there are those whose efforts in whichever diverse direction their labors take them will acquire such dazzling skill, such profound knowledge and such grace of ease that the very vault of heaven itself will ring with their praise and call for their elevation to any state short of Godhead itself. Look well all you here, that you may forever remember and that you may tell those whom you encounter of that blessed day when you stood close enough to the divine that you could have touched it, for here she is before you, clad in flesh and clothed in such splendid raiment that all can see her manifest worth. Behold our most worthy and wondrous subject, Olivia Graeme who's fame within our realm for her talents with the needle has run so far and so wide that there cannot be one person in all of all our domains who will admit that they do not know of her, and whose skill is such that her fame is in no way unwarranted nor is she in any way ungenerous with those talents. She has clothed those of all stations, from the lowest of the gentry to the very crown of the East itself, with such princely garments that all whom she has so graced with her skills must seem as exquisite potentates to any whom they meet. Presented thus as we are with such a preponderance of evidence, both copious and undeniable of the proficiency of her arts, we have no other wish in all our heart than that such a marvel as she shall not go from here without that she shall be counted amongst the highest and most worthy in our realm, and therefor it is our august will that she become this day a Companion of our Order of the Laurel, to be recognized for her worth in all of our domains and in all the courts of the world, and that, as manifest proof of the truth of our desire we do hereby bestow upon her these arms, by letters patent, to wit: Purpure, a bend sinister bretessed Or between an abacus palewise and scissors argent. Done by this our sign-manual this fourth day of April, Anno Sociatatis thirty-two, being the one thousand nine hundred and ninety eighth since the Incarnation, on the feast of the blessed St. Isadore of Seville at our Last Court in our fair Barony of Settmour Swamp.

A scroll for the Baronial Champion of Dragonship Haven

Unto all to whom these presents do or may come Joseph and Arwen, Baron and Baroness of Dragonship Haven send good greetings and salutations. Blood, death, and ruin have been to the field of the barony this day, and from the scene of this overwhelming carnage has risen one man, sole survivor of all tests of martial prowess set against him. Thus has the worthy and most valiant William de Clarence won this days tourney, and with it the right to claim the title of Baronial Rattan Champion. Done this 1st day of March, A.S. XXXI, at the Baronial Birthday Celebrations

A scroll for the Fencing Tourney winner at Balfar's Challenge

Fearsome speed and dazzling grace are the mark of a truly gifted practitioner of the art of fencing. To be able to have the quickness of wit within the combat to spare a thought for the command of others is therefore to be noted as a special gift, and one which we do commend this day the worthy______________ ____________________________, who has shown such mastery of that skill that their team has been named victor of the fence at Balfar's Challenge, this 9th day of May, Anno Sociatatis XXXIII.

At Lucan and Elspeth's Divestiture she wanted to thank those people who had done any "emergency Sewing" for her and Lucan. This was the result

It is well known to even the most foolish of persons that a stitch in time save nine. Therefore it behooves a wise monarch to acknowledge the Stitchers who were indeed there in a timely fashion. Thus do we, Lucan and Elspeth honor the worthy _______________________________ with the title of Stitcher to the Crown. Done this 5th of April, AS XXXI at our last court.

The scroll that proclaimed the Barony of the Bridge the Royal seat for the Reign of Lucan and Caitlin

Lucan by right of arms King of all the East, and Caitlin his queen, unto all to whom these presents do come, greetings Behold the land spread about you, fertile in its crops and abundant in its peoples, blessed with peace and prosperity from time beyond all memory. Is it any wonder, can there be any doubt that this Fountain of royalty, this hallowed land where the peasants are nobility, and the nobility are peers is one of the true strongholds of the realm? A wonder surely unknown in the other, benighted realms this best garden of the East holds truly the fields in which destinies are sown and from which greatness is reaped as the only acceptable crop. Dazzled by this munificence, we are blinded to all other places in the world, and therefore would we declare without hesitation that the Barony of the Bridge is to be held as our royal seat, for as long as our crown shall last, and wherever our writ shall run. Done by this our sign-manual, this 28st day of February, the feast of St. Peter Damian, Anno Sociatatis XXXII, at the Black Rose Ball, in our fair, no beyond fair, in our perfect Barony of the Bridge.

The Infamous "Thanks Dude scroll for Sir Gunther Pathwarden, Chivalry Advisor to Queen Luna

In the Beginning there was the word, and the word was Gunther, And the lord looked down, and saw that it did not suck. Therefore did he cause Gunther to go forth into the East and there become a knight, that he might make use of this most sacred office to become Chivalry Advisor to the Queen. Behold, he whom the Lord has placed before you, clothed in holy zeal and burning with the righteousness of his acts, for yea, full and most mightily has he labored on behalf of this most Resplendent and Virtuous Queen. Here clad in piety and humble virtue has he striven to instruct those many souls in desperate need of his teachings, and here encased in the triumphant armors of divine rectitude has he girded up his loins and yea, with apocalyptic fury fallen like a hammer from god upon all those wicked, impious and wretched creatures who have come before him. Therefore do we, Luna, God Empress of the East, moved by beatific and gentle gratitude, hereby, in the name of all that does not suck, lift our dainty hand in benediction and say THANKS DUDE. Done by this our sign manual, on this 13th day of April, being the feast day of the Saint Herenegild in our fair Barony of Bergental, at this, the moment of our Apotheosis

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