The Arms of the Dukes of Burgundy

Roll of the Dukes of Burgundy

These are the dates for their reign, beginning to end. There are some cases where the end of the reign was not the end of their life, so I give the death date if I know it. I have tried to give some indication (where I can) of how they died (or ended their reign.)
ab. = abdicated,  kib. = killed in battle, as. = assassinated, ex. = executed, dep = deposed

Richard (the Justicer) 898-921 Also Count of Autun
Rudolph 923-936 Also King of France
Hugh (the Black) 936-952
Gilbert of Chalon 952-956 By marriage to an unnamed daughter of Burgundy
Odo (Otto) 956-965
Otto Henry (the Great) 965-1002
Otto William 1002-1005 dep. Count of Burgundy. Dies 1026
Robert I 1031-1076
Hugh I 1076-1079 ab Became Abbott of Cluny
Eudes I (the Red) 1079-1103
Hugh II 1103-1143
Eudes II 1143-1162
Hugh III 1162-1192
Eudes III 1192-1218
Hugh IV 1218-1272 Also King of Thessalonica
Robert II 1272-1306 Also King of Thessalonica
Hugh V 1306-1315 Also King of Thessalonica
Eudes IV 1315-1350 Also King of Thessalonica.
There being no male heir to Eudes IV the Duchy escheats
back to the French crown
Jean 1350-1364 Also Jean I, King of France
Phillip the Bold 1364-1404 Also Count of Flanders 1384-1404
Also Count of Artois 1384-1404
John the Fearless 1404-1419
Phillip the Good 1419-1467 Also Duke of Brabant 1430-1467
Also Count of Holland 1433-1467
Also Duke of Luxemburg 1443-1467
Charles the Bold 1467-1477 kib Also Count of Charolais

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