Roll of the Kings of Burgundy

For those who don't know, Burgundy consisted of the area of the Loire and the Rhône, with it's capitol at Orleans.

These are the dates for their reign, beginning to end. There are some cases where the end of the reign was not the end of their life, so I give the death date if I know it. I have tried to give some indication (where I can) of how they died (or ended their reign.)
ab. = abdicated,  kib. = killed in battle, as. = assassinated, ex. = executed, dep = deposed

Guntram 561-592
Childebert II 592-595 also King of Austrasia, 575-595
Theuderic II 595-613 also King of Austrasia, 595-612
Clothar II 613-629 also King of Austrasia 613-623
Dagobert I 629-638 also King of Austrasia 623-634
also King of Neustrasia 629-638
Clovis II 638-657 also King of Neustrasia 638-657
Clothar III 657-673 also King of Neustrasia 657-673
Theuderic III 673-691 also King of Austrasia 687-691
also King of Neustrasia 673-691
Clovis IV 691-695 Also King of Austrasia 691-695
also King of Neustrasia, 691-695
Childebert III 695-711 Also King of Austrasia 695-711
also King of Neustrasia 695-711
Dagobert III 711-715 also King of Austrasia 711-715
also King of Neustrasia 711-715
A bit of chaos & confusion 715-721
Theuderic IV 721-737 also King of Austrasia 721-737
also King of Neustrasia, 721-737
Childeric III 743-751 also King of Austrasia 743-751
also King of Neustrasia 743-751

Then the Carolingians take over, and France becomes France. Mostly.

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