The Arms of the Kings of Jerusalem

Roll of the Crusader Kings of Jerusalem

These are the dates for their reign, beginning to end. There are some cases where the end of the reign was not the end of their life, so I give the death date if I know it. I have tried to give some indication (where I can) of how they died (or ended their reign.)
ab. = abdicated,  kib. = killed in battle, as. = assassinated, ex. = executed, dep = deposed

Godfrey 1099-1100    
Baldwin I 1100-1118    
Baldwin II 1118-1131    
Fulk 1131-1143   By marriage to Melisande, Baldwin II's daughter
Baldwin III 1143-1163    
Amalric I 1163-1174    
Baldwin IV 1174-1185    
Baldwin V 1185-1186    
Guy 1186-1192   By marriage to Sibylla, Amalric I's daughter
Isabella 1192    
Henri 1192-1197   By marriage to Isabella, Amalric I's Daughter.
Amalric II 1197-1205   By marriage to Isabella.
Also King of Cyprus
Marie 1197-1205  
Jean 1205-1225   By marriage to Marie.
Frederick 1225-1250   By marriage to Isabeau, daughter of Jean and Marie.
Also Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II
Conrad 1250-????  
Conradin ????-1284  
?Unknown? 1284-1291  

In 1291 the city falls to the Muslims, but the title continues to be claimed for centuries.

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