The Arms of the Kings of Poland

Roll of the Kings of Poland

These are the dates for their reign, beginning to end. There are some cases where the end of the reign was not the end of their life, so I give the death date if I know it. I have tried to give some indication (where I can) of how they died (or ended their reign.)
ab. = abdicated,  kib. = killed in battle, as. = assassinated, ex. = executed, dep = deposed

Plastus 842-861
Zeimsovitas 861-892
Lesko IV 892-921
Zeimomiscas 921-962
Mieszko 962-992
Boleslaw I "the Brave" 992-1025 d.
Mieszko II 1025-1034 Dep?
Chaos and Confusion 1034-1037
Casimir I 1037-1058 d.
Chaos and Confusion (again) 1058-1076
Boleslaw II 1076-1079 ass.
Vladislav Hermann 1079-1102
Zbigniev 1102-1106
Boleslaw III 1106-1138
Vladislav II 1138-1146
Boleslaw IV 1146-1173
Casimir II 1178-1194
Lesko V 1194-1227
Boleslaw V 1227-1279
Chaos and Confusion (again!) 1279-1295
Przemysl 1295-1296 ass.
Chaos and Confusion 1297-1300
Waclaw 1300-1305 d. also Vaclav II King of Bohemia
Waclaw II 1305-1306 ass. also Vaclav III King of Bohemia 1305-1306
Vladislav IV (Lokietek) 1306-1333
Casimir III (the Great) 1333-1370
Ludvik (the Great) 1370-1382 (Louis) of Anjou
also Lojos I King of Hungary 1342-1382
Jadwiga (Queen) 1382-1399 m. Jagiello, King of Lithuania in 1386
Vladislav V Jagiello 1386-1435
Vladislav IV 1435-1445 kib also King of Hungary 1440-1445
Casimir IV 1445-1492
John I Albrecht 1492-1501
Alexander 1501-1506
Sigismund II 1506-1548
???? 1548-1572
Henry 1572-1574 of Valois
Stephen Bathory 1575-1586
Sigismund III 1587-1632 also King of Sweden 1592-1604

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