Roll of the Kings of Visigothic Spain

These are the dates for their reign, beginning to end. There are some cases where the end of the reign was not the end of their life, so I give the death date if I know it. I have tried to give some indication (where I can) of how they died (or ended their reign.)
ab. = abdicated,  kib. = killed in battle, as. = assassinated, ex. = executed, dep = deposed

Leovigild 568-586
Recardeo 586-601
Liuva 601-603
Vitericus 603-610
Gundemar 610-612
Sisibut 612-621
Swinthila 621-631
Sisenando 631-636
Chintalla 636-640
Tulca 640-642
Cindasuinto 642-653
Recceswinth 653-672
Wamba 672-680
Ervigio 680-687
Egila 687-698
Witiza 698-710
Roderick 710-711 d. 714

The Visigoths were defeated by the Muslim invaders in 711 ending the Kingdom.

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