Popes and Anti-Popes

Roll of the Popes and Anti-Popes

This is possibly the most complicated of these tables. Dates overlap, locations change. Also, there are a LOT of popes. Something to do with not getting the office til you're quite old, I'm sure, but the average reign of a pope is somewhere around 5-7 years. Your persona will probably see quite a few in his/her lifetime.Read it Carefully. Instead of the usual format I have included some other information. Something to bear in mind if you doing persona research is that where I have included the labels Pope and Anti-Pope these are latter day judgements. In period the Anti-Popes had, with their adherants, full validity of the office and it was that other poseur who was the Anti-Pope, Heretic, Schismatic Apostate and Anti-Christ.

Honorius IV 1285-1287 Rome
Boniface VIII 1294-1303 Rome
Clement V 1305-1314 Avingnon This is the beginning of the
'Babalonian Captivity'
John XXII 1316-1334 Avignon
Benedict XII 1334-1342 Avignon
Clement VI 1342-1352 Avignon
Innocent VI 1352-1362 Avignon
Urban V 1362-1370 Avignon
Gregory XI 1370-1378 Avignon
Urban VI 1378-1389 Rome Urban returns to Rome
beginning of the 'Great Schism'
Clement VII 1378-1394 Avignon Anti-Pope(Heretic, Schismatic, etc.)
Boniface IX 1389-1404 Rome Pope
Benedict XIII 1394-1423 Avignon Anti-Pope
Innocent VII 1404-1406 Rome Pope
Gregory XII 1406-1415 Rome Pope
Council of Pisa 1409 Pisa Convened to end the Schism
it makes matters worse
Alexander V 1409-1410 Pisa Anti-Pope (That's three popes)
John XXIII 1410-1415 Pisa Anti-Pope
Council of Constance 1417 Ends (more or less) the Great Schism
Martin V 1417-1431 Rome Pope
Eugenius IV 1431-1447 Rome Pope
Felix V 1439-1449 Rome Anti-Pope
Nicholas V 1447-1455 Rome Pope
Caliixtus III 1455-1458 Rome Pope
Pius II 1458-1464 Rome Pope
Paul II 1467-1471 Rome Pope
Sixtus IV 1471-1484 Rome Pope
Innocent VIII 1484-1492 Rome Pope
Alexander VI 1492-1503 Rome Pope
Pius III 1503-1503 Rome Pope
Julius II 1503-1513 Rome Pope
Leo X 1513-1521 Rome Pope
Hadrian VI 1522-1523 Rome Pope
Clement VII 1523-1534 Rome Pope
Paul III 1543-1549 Rome Pope
Julius III 1550-1555 Rome Pope
Marcellus II 1555-1555 Rome Pope
Paul IV 1555-1559 Rome Pope
Pius IV 1559-1565 Rome Pope
Gregory XIII 1565-1585 Rome Pope
Sixtus V 1585-1590 Rome Pope
Urban VII 1590-1590 Rome Pope
Gregory XIV 1590-1591 Rome Pope
Innocent IX 1591-1591 Rome Pope
Clement VIII 1591-1605 Rome Pope

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